December 11th, 2017

Captain’s Corner for December 13 Dave Zalewski 727 460-9893

The great weather, calm seas and exceptional fishing that we experienced at the end of November and beginning g of December came to a screeching halt with the cold front that came through. Surface water temperatures plummeted from an unseasonable 71 degrees to 61 almost overnight, shocking both baitfish and there predators. Gulf waters near shore were the color of chocolate milk and not much better 10 miles offshore. When winds and seas subside and we can venture offshore we will be trying some trolling, but expectations will be not be high and we will be concentrating our efforts on bottom fishing in whatever depth the water begins to clear up. Most likely this will be in the 60 foot depths. The grouper and assorted snappers that we will be targeting will be hungry and feeding on anything available. Because of turbid water conditions caused by silt settling in the water, the use of baits that have some smell will be best. Cut frozen sardines and threadfins, squid and cut bait along with heavy chumming with small pieces of the same baits being used will result in success.
After cold fronts come through, there is often debris on the surface. It is the right thing to pick it up and dispose of it on land, and this often ends up with the bonus of a tripletail. When sighted under the object a live shrimp fly lined on a 1/0 circle hook will usually end up in a strike. The next bait of choice is the head of a squid with its tentacles pitched in front of the fish.